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Society of the Hourglass Heroes
NFT Adventures
through time -
which team will win?
A limited NFT collection of over 9,000 unique, generative characters that grant you membership to The Society of the Hourglass.
Society of the Hourglass 1 of 1
Unique 1/1 Art
NFT characters are generated from a unique combination of hundreds of hand-drawn traits of varying rarities.
Society of the Hourglass physical and digital
Physical meets Digital
NFT holders will receive a 1st edition SotH picture discovery book - find your NFT in the book! (Ship date TBD)
Society of the Hourglass community driven
Community Driven
Community engagement will directly influence the project, book, and future utility in meaningful ways.
Society of the Hourglass usage rights
Usage rights included
Owners possess commercial usage rights to their NFTs– they're yours to use!
About the Society
Since the beginning of history, the greats have used the power of time travel to expand their empires, invent “new” technologies and form amazing teams.

Many competed to join The Society of the Hourglass.
Society of the Hourglass Competitors
Society of the Hourglass Teams
What eras did the Competitors visit? What teams did they form? What were they seeking? Who did they meet along the way?

Project Roadmap

Society of the Hourglass 1st
Build the Community
NFT collections are tremendous opportunities for community creativity.

We’ve got opinions on how to do things better - particularly as our Discord growsto lots of members.

Connect with us and see for yourself!
Society of the Hourglass community
Society of the Hourglass NFTs
Society of the Hourglass 2nd
Avoid Gas Wars + Open the Cabinet of Curiosities
The Society of the Hourglass will not let its future members suffer the pains of gas wars.

We are delivering our own minting system to power both SotH and other friendly projects seeking a similar solution.

Along the way, early initiates into the Society will have the opportunity to procure items from our Cabinet of Curiosities -- an assortment of peculiar artifacts in the collection of the Society.

More details will be revealed through Discord.
Society of the Hourglass 3rd
Public Mint (Citizens, Competitors, Artifacts)
Our generative collection will contain over 9,000 characters with hundreds of potential attributes:

  • 9,000+ Citizens (with varying classes & levels of rarity)
  • ~ 120 Competitors (ultra rare)
  • ~ 100 Historical Artifacts (ultra rare)
  • 10 Magical Hourglasses (mythic)

Society of the Hourglass Citizens
Society of the Hourglass Book
Society of the Hourglass 4th
Publish the Picture Book
When we sell over 50% of the initial mint, we will produce a picture discovery book featuring characters from this NFT collectible project!

A first edition copy will be bound and shipped to every SotH NFT wallet at the time of book publishing and distribution.

Follow our travelers through the Wild West, Ancient Rome, Cyberpunk Los Angeles, Mars Base 7, Medieval Europe and other locations that our Discord community will help refine.
Society of the Hourglass tbd
Future Tools + an Extended Roadmap
We’re here to tell stories and build tools.

We believe that NFTs can be a lot more than a collection of characters (and even picture books). We’re building tools that improve NFT infrastructure to serve future, massive public adoption.

This first collection will help us build an understanding of the total creator experience. Members of The Society of the Hourglass will unlock early access to future drops and the NFT creator toolset we’re already building.

Read about our larger product roadmap/vision >
Society of the Hourglass characters

Art Team

Society of the Hourglass Mike Laughed
The Artist
The artist. He’s illustrated quite a few children’s books. Follow his twitter for the tweets.
Society of the Hourglass Chris Coy
Creative Ops
Likes chasing shiny, pretty things and tries to make all the cool ideas in the world happen for everyone.
Society of the Hourglass Abby
Character designer and freelance Illustrator. When art, adventure and cats are afoot, she’ll be there!
Society of the Hourglass Eden
An illustrator and designer. Pursuing a career in children’s book. Likes long walks on the beach.

Operations Team

Society of the Hourglass Joe Payne
A connector of people and organizational designer that leads with empathy. He’s one of the good ones.
Society of the Hourglass Josh Stanley
A successful entrepreneur and doer of things and stuffs. Josh makes sure it happens on time/budget.
Society of the Hourglass Matt Casanova
A full-stack autodidact, Matt is a magician with code. More importantly he’s a kind human.
Society of the Hourglass Gabe
Crypto/NFT Advisor
Founder of Bitlectro Labs: home of Dreamloops and numerous NFT projects. Crypto entrepreneur.
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